Delia Smith

About Delia Smith

The most tried and trusted of British TV cooks; Delia Smith has been teaching the nation how to make our favourite dishes for over 45 years.

Delia left school at 16 without any qualifications but it was the job she found at the tiny restaurant The Singing Chef in Paddington which sparked her passion for food. Determined to study every aspect of English cookery, she worked through countless cookery books, many in the Reading Room at the British Museum.

In 1969 Delia became the cookery writer for the Daily Mirror's new magazine (where she met future husband Michael Wyn-Jones), and three years later began columns for the Evening Standard and the Radio Times.

Her TV career began in 1973 with BBC series Family Fare and was followed by Delia's Cookery Course with its back-to-basics recipes, also available in print. Delia Smith's Summer Collection and her Winter Collection followed and, in 1998, the How to Cook series was broadcasted, the accompanying books being her most successful yet.

Delia's other great passions is football and in November 1996 she became Director of Norwich City FC.