Milly Cookbook

About Milly Cookbook

Nicola Millbank, otherwise known as Milly, is a professional actress with a passion for food. When not acting on screen, she spends her time in London as a food writer where she runs her website

Milly embraces using sustainable and accessible ingredients, easy methods and a refreshingly fad-free approach to home cooking.

Milly has been featured in various online blogs and her recipes have been publicised in Closer and OK! Magazine as well as being featured in the Spotlight page of The Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine. She plays the regular character of Ella in Sky One's comedy drama Mount Pleasant.

A rising star on the foodie scene, her debut cookbook MILLY’S REAL FOOD will be published in hardback on May 4th 2017. Pre-order your copy here: CLICK HERE

I have no food philosophy, just fad-free, healthy, nourishing and exciting dishes that you and your body will love.