Cake Pops!

We've got a new foodie obsession. We can't stop putting food on sticks, and we're not just talking cheese and pineapple.

Cake Pops!

It started with a look around the spring shows towards the end of last year. There were so many things on sticks. Cake pops, yes, but also heart-shaped chocolate, Easter egg-shaped biscuits and chocolate-coated popcorn clusters all wedged onto a stick.

Then came Christmas, and the cutest reindeer cake pops had the food team cooing - and we were quite partial to the present-shaped cake pops, which can be given for birthdays too.

We started seeing potential everywhere. Chocolate-covered marshmallows on sticks? Tried that, they are the easier version of cake pops. Frozen banana pops? It works, and the effect is like banana ice cream, only better for you. And then of course, everyone loves a party sausage - and they are just better on a stick.

Then we saw the ultimate. A book, actually. Pie Pops, by Carol Hilker. That's right, it had crossed over into savoury with a book about pies on a stick.

So what is it about putting food on sticks that just makes it better? It has to be small to stay on for a start, so that makes everything look that bit cuter in miniature. It means you don't get your hands dirty, though there is always the risk that whatever it is you're eating might suddenly plummet to the floor, hitting your clothes on the way down.

But mostly, we think it just makes eating a bit more interesting. It's become a bit of a running joke in the office as we challenge ourselves to see what exactly I can get on a stick.