Cheeses for Christmas

Roast potatoes, yorkshire puds, Brussels sprouts, bread sauce...there's nothing so English as Christmas dinner. And with over 700 types of cheese made in this country, you can make your end-of-dinner cheeseboard follows suit.

English Cheeses For Christmas

How many English cheeses can you name? Alas many people couldn't get past Cheddar and Wensleydale, so in a tasty attempt to educate we called in Nigel White, a fromage fanatic from the British Cheese Board, to help know a lot more about the cheese options for a great end to Christmas.

A crumbly Cheshire (the perfect feta replacement in salads), nettle-wrapped Cornish yarg, an oozing Somerset brie and an aged Leicestershire red are some of the great choices he suggested for festive feasting.

Nigel - a man with 40 years experience in the cheese industry - also shared a few top cheesy facts...

  • Cheese tastes best when it's been sitting at room temperature for 1-2 hours

  • Lancashire cheese makes the best cheese on toast!

  • "Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her Curds and Whey" is really how to make cheese - milk is separated into curds, which are the lumpy bits and the whey which is the watery liquid bit. The curd is then turned into cheese while the whey is used as a natural source in protein products

We also learnt how to make our own fruity cheese: line a mug with cloth; add to it some chopped up cheese of your choice and a handful of raisins soaked in wine; then press the mixture down and leave for a couple of days. Hey presto! Homemade cheese.

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