Movember Delights

While the mo bros of the nation are growing, grooming, shaving, trimming and tidying their moustaches for charity, we're supporting them with the power of biscuits. No good mo can be sustained without a good feeding, right?


If you're not taking part in this year's Movember, you don't have to miss out on the fun. Here's our fun guide to the top moustaches from around the world and recipes to suit each...


Sporting a tache that Frida Kahlo would be proud of? Then you'll love these tache-tastic tacos from Valentine Warner or, for a more hearty fayre to get your chops around, share these Mexican meatballs with your pals. Looking for a sweet treat? Look no further than Mark Sargeant's chilli chocolate pots, if they don't have you shouting 'ariba ariba', we don't know what will!


Do you twiddle the ends of your mo a la Poirot? You are the owner of a Frenchie and we know just the thing for you. Trish Deseine's coq au vin will feed your mo-vellous family, while the classic French onion soup is simple and most of the ingredients you'll find in your store cupboard and while the men of the nation are going gaga for Movember, the baking world are giving kudos to eclairs- you could even decorate them with mo-shaped chocolate icing.


Think Hulk Hogan, the moustache that takes a lot of effort but makes for a darn good face decoration. There's no beating about the bush in The States, that handlebar mo would like nothing more than to get around a huge juicy burger(need link) or southern style chicken wings and nothing screams All-American more than the classic apple pie served with lots of cream or ice cream.


More hair on the top lip than Rolf Harris could shake a didgeridoo at? The big and bushy Australian look needs good sturdy dishes for maximum growth. Ben O'Donaghue knows a thing or two about the land down under from his Drive Thru series. Try the quick black pepper prawns, the lamb koftas with harissa and hummus or for those with a sweet tooth, the white chocolate cheesecake with black cherries.


Nothing is more British than the perfectly groomed mo. John Cleese is a national hero advocating the mo with such splendour. Celebrate all things traditional with British classics, such as steak and kidney pie, toad in the hole or fish and chips. Bake your mo bros celebratory moustache biscuits to show your support.