Retro Sixties Wow!

What food do you remember from the 1960s? Not all of you will have been alive and eating back then, but the food your parents cook could well have been influenced by the swinging 60s culture.


We're having a retro food conversation. We've been hearing about the WAGs of '66 who were married to the triumphant footballers during the World Cup - but what were they eating back then?

Cocktail sausages, cheese and pineapple on sticks, overly salted crisps and vol au vents were probably the most common nibbles at any celebration in the 60s. Perhaps a more upmarket table would even have served duck a l'orange, lobster thermidor or coq au vin.

Tupperware, plastics and synthetic flavours arrived on the British food market with a psychedelic bang in the 60s. Along with all the flower power and hippy culture, mass production was also making its mark, which is why 60s grub is often associated with lurid colours and industrialised food.

Nevertheless, there was also a contrasting international food movement, as Brits became more outward-looking in their culinary tastes - this is when all those fancy French dishes came onto our menus, thanks to pioneering chefs like Julia Childs and Delia Smith.