What is Scampi?

It seems a lot of people are Googling 'what is scampi?' Let's find out then, shall we?

What is Scampi?

That's right, scampi. According to the search engine's annual Zeitgeist report into its most popular search terms, "what is scampi?" came second only to "what is AV?" in the "what is" category this year. In fact, even the experts are at a loss to explain why the sudden interest.

So what is scampi? It is a type of lobster, roughly the size of a large crayfish and fished from silty bottom regions of the open Atlantic Ocean and parts of the Mediterranean.

"Scampi is the tail of a Nephrops, also known as a Dublin Bay prawn or Norwegian lobster," David Jarrad, director of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain, told the BBC.

It is commonly served fried in batter or breadcrumbs usually with chips and tartare sauce.

Want to discover scampi for yourself? Try Paul Bloxham's Asian-influenced spicy scampi and chips with OX mayo or Valentine Warner's crayfish 'scampi' with tartare sauce.

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