Wheelbarrow Barbecue

Solving all outdoor food and carrying heavy object needs - introducing the WheelbarrowBBQ!

Wheelbarrow Barbecue

So you thought the iPhone was this century's most impressive invention? Put your miniature ringing computers back in your pocket because there's a new kid on the block. Solving all your outdoor food and carrying heavy object needs - introducing the WheelbarrowBBQ! Next time you're camping you'll love it more than your phone...

Developed, invented and perfected for the measly sum of £25 by desperate campers sick of lugging the contents of the car to the tent and back again before getting round to making dinner, it's amazing how simple and useful it turns out to be.


  • Wheelbarrow - purchased on eBay around £10, super cheap due to being not very sturdy.
  • Heat resistant paint - around £10.
  • Baking tray and grill - £5. The Inventor wanted to get an old one from the dump for nothing, but this was scrapped after the lady half of the Inventors made NO WAY puking signs.
  • Bricks, coal, silver foil - scavenge away.


  • Paint wheelbarrow with heat resistant paint
  • Place baking tray at bottom of wheel barrow with layer of silver foil as lining. Add charcoal. Line bricks around the edge, balance the grill on these.
  • Set coals alight. Hey presto! Let's cook some delicious food.


In essence, the wheelbarrowBBQ is an aid to camping. Here's how...

  • Oh no, we have to walk a mile from the car to the campsite! That's okay, just load up all your stuff in the WheelbarrowBBQ and toddle on down with it.
  • Oh no, it's started to rain! Fear not, the WheelbarrowBBQ can easily be wheeled into the nearest sheltered area to carry on with your jolly outdoor cookalong.
  • Oh no, the wind is really blowing wildly from that direction! Don't worry, just wheel the WheelbarrowBBQ into a new position.
  • Oh no, my parents have turned up on an impromptu visit to nose around our campsite and now expect dinner! That's okay, the WheelbarrowBBQ can hold up to six jacket potatoes wrapped in foil on the coals and then you've got the raised grill area to cook enough meat and fish for lots of hungry campers at the same time.
  • Oh no, there's so many interesting people in this campsite, I wish they'd all come over and talk to me. You'll be like a light to a moth with your wheelable talking point. Are they still not coming over? They must be shy, why don't you wheel yourself over to them. Being portable is sociable.

Admittedly there are TINY flaws. It takes about an hour to heat up, you need a large van to transport it, and when not being used, it takes up half the garden. But hey, it's a great place to store empty pots over the winter.