The flavour of this creamy-white bulbous root is similar to celery, although much less pungent. It's always peeled before cooking - if you're not using the cut pieces straight away, soak celeriac in a bowl of water or coat with a little lemon juice - this helps stop it from discolouring. Choose firm, weighty celeriac, without brown spots. It'll keep in the refrigerator for 7-10 days

In season from September to April, it has a surprisingly subtle flavour, and when cooked, takes on a velvety texture and nutty flavour.

Peeled and chunked celeriac is ideal for steaming, boiling mashing or roasting. Ring the changes and make a tasteful celeriac mash - it's also good when combined with fluffy mashed potatoes. For roasting, splash chunks with olive oil, add a few sprigs of thyme and cook along with the Sunday joint.

Try simmering chunky wedges in a meaty casserole - it's particularly good at absorbing and complementing other flavours.

Raw celeriac can also be grated and used in salads - try it with fruity flavours - crisp apples, juicy orange segments and pears.