Pronounced 'chor-eetho', these delicious paprika flavoured sausages are made all over Spain, with many subtle regional variations.

There are two main types, one that is air-cured so that it can be sliced and eaten like salami, and shorter individual fresh sausages that are cooked before eating. Look also for the air-cured variety shaped into small links and preserved in oil.

As chorizo is now very popular, it is manufactured in several countries. For authenticity, be sure to buy the Spanish varieties.

Fresh chorizo are especially good for the barbecue and in Spain are often served simply sliced and grilled as a tapas.

They are excellent with punchy salad leaves such as rocket, as well as eggs, caper berries, dried beans and rice or pasta dishes. Serve air-cured salami as part of a Spanish foods platter featuring olives, roasted peppers, ham and cheese.