The courgette, also known as zucchini, tastes best when eaten as a young vegetable.

Part of the marrow family, this summer squash has a fine, shiny edible skin and firm flesh. Widely popular, easy to grow and available all year; the courgette varies in size and colour - ranging from a baby sized vegetable to a larger yellow courgette. There are also some types that are round in shape.


A versatile vegetable that requires little prep - just leave the peel on, or very finely peel.

Courgettes may be thickly or thinly sliced; or cut into wedges, sticks or fine julienne. They can be steamed, braised, sweated, fried, deep-fried, baked, stuffed, coated in sauce or cooked au gratin.

Although normally served cooked, they can also be eaten raw - cut into fingers or wedges for a crudité platter. Add vinaigrette and chopped herbs to coarsely grated courgette for a nice green salad accompaniment.