Grapefruit are the largest citrus fruit and have an assertive sour-sweet flavour. A Caribbean descendant of the pomelo, they are a comparatively new fruit and most of the world's crop is grown in the southern USA.


For a classic starter, brush halved grapefruits with melted butter and grill. Grapefruit works with chicken, pork, and shellfish such as prawns and crab. Mix in salads with watercress and avocado, with chicory, with olives, or a Thai-style salad. For dessert, segment the fruit and marinate in orange juice, perhaps adding a dash of Campari or Angostura bitters. The fresh juice makes wonderful jelly, sorbet or granita, which you might scent with cinnamon or mint. Grapefruit also makes excellent marmalade.


Pink or ruby/red varieties of grapefruit are generally sweeter and look more attractive than the white varieties, which have yellow skin and pale flesh. Note that grapefruit that have yellow skin can have pink flesh.