Jersey Royal Potatoes

jersey royals

Perhaps the most prized of spring and early summer potatoes, Jersey Royal potatoes are grown only on the island of Jersey.

Early season potatoes are smaller and particularly tender, whereas the later season ones are larger.

They mature in April and have a short season, which lasts until early June. Waxy rather than floury in texture, Jersey Royals hold their shape well when cooked and have a subtle and delicate taste - ideal for salads.


If you can, buy unwashed new potatoes and give them a good rinse and scrub before cooking - they have a better flavour then pre-washed potatoes. Look for papery thin wisps of skin, which can easily be removed by rubbing with your thumb.

When cooking, add a sprig of mint to lightly salted boiling water - it complements the delicate flavour of Jersey Royals and new potatoes.


Keep potatoes in a dark, dry cool cupboard (not in the fridge). If you can, store them in a paper bag, so they can 'breathe'. Plastic bags don't do them any favours, and tend to make the potatoes 'sweat' and lose freshness.

New potatoes have a shorter storage life than maincrop ones. It's best to use Jersey Royals within a few days.