Matzo Meal

matzo meal

A traditional Jewish ingredient, matzo meal is similar to breadcrumbs and is made from crumbled or ground matzo bread. Sometimes the Hebrew word matzah is used. Matzo are unleavened flatbreads similar to pita bread or crackers and have great religious significance.


You may be surprised by the versatility of matzo meal. It lends itself naturally to crumbing, but like other breadcrumbs takes on different guises depending on what it's blended with. Add eggs, chicken fat and salt, and you have a dough for hearty dumplings that are served in hot chicken soup. It gives substance to gefilte fish (white fish paste cooked like rissoles). Fritters, pancakes, baked puddings and cakes are among the many sweet dishes from European and Middle Eastern traditions in which it is used.


Matzo meal is available in medium and fine (or cake) grades. There is also a coarse variety called matzo farfel for which the matzo bread is crushed into small pieces.


Use like flour or fine dried breadcrumbs.