Parsley keeps well in the fridge - plunge the roots in a little water and cover the leafy head with a loose-fitting plastic bag. That way, it'll keep for 3-4 days in the fridge without becoming limp.

You'll get a much fresher flavour if you grow your own herbs in plant pots or beds. Buying bunches from local Asian or Mediterranean shops is a good bet - besides being much cheaper, you'll find the parsley has a much fresher flavour. Look for bright-looking leaves without any discolouration.


CURLY PARSLEY - popular in Britain, its vibrant green, curly leaves have a clean, fresh-tasting and mild flavour.

FLAT-LEAF PARSLEY - taller and hardier than curly parsley, it has a more pronounced flavour, which lends itself to robust Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes - Lebanese tabbouleh salad and Moroccan stews are classic favourites

HAMBURG PARSLEY - a flat-leafed plant, cultivated for its roots, and used in the same way as parsnips.


A key ingredient in flavouring salads, butters, dressings and salads and salsas - the list is endless.

For enhanced flavour, chop the stems along with the leaves. The stalks are also used to infuse flavour into stocks and soups.

When patted dry with kitchen paper, bunches of parsley can be deep-fried in hot oil and used as a garnish.

To retain its fresh green colour, add chopped parsley to dressings and sauces at the last minute.

Parsley works particularly well with garlic, lemon and olive oil - it's one of the most versatile herbs in the kitchen.