Rosemary, a Mediterranean herb, grown on a sturdy woody bush, is at its most flavoursome during summer, but fresh leaves are still be used in the winter months.

It's cultivated for its slender, spiky leaves, dark green on the upper side and silvery white on the lower. Golden-hued rosemary is noted for it particularly fine and full flavour.

Once picked, store fresh rosemary in the fridge - they'll keep well for around a week.


Best used fresh, sprigs are often used to flavour meats, especially lamb, during roasting. It's also good with poultry, turkey, sausages, and fish - especially red mullet and snapper.

Try tossing rosemary sprigs in the roasting tin with root vegetables while they cook. Potatoes and rosemary is a classic pairing.

Popular in Italian cooking, it's best to chop rosemary leaves before adding to sauces and pastas. Dried rosemary, tends to develop a musty flavour - if you can, go for fresh.

Toss a few fresh rosemary sprigs onto glowing coals on a barbecue for adding an intriguing fragrance. You can even use the woody branches as skewers.