Sea Trout

sea trout

Sea trout is a large round fish very similar to salmon, and sometimes known as salmon trout, or sewin. Whole fish, found in the North Atlantic and large inland freshwater areas, average 2-2.3kg. Sea trout differs from the brown trout in that the sea trout migrates to the sea, which the brown trout doesn't. The bright pinky-red flesh comes from a diet of crustaceans HOW TO PREPARE

The whole fish can be boned through the stomach or along the back for serving whole. Like other round fish, sea trout give fairly equal sized fillets off either side of backbone. If you're using fillets, run your hands along the flesh to check for any pin-bones and remove these with tweezers. The skin can be left on or removed as desired. Fillets can be sliced diagonally into thin escalopes. Sea trout can be cut into steaks though this is less common.