Red snapper

Snappers are a family of tropical fish rather than a single variety, however in Australia the name snapper is used to indicate a particular fish known in the UK as Red Emperor.

To the layperson, all snappers are relatively similar when it comes to cooking, though some are more prized amongst gourmets than others.

Modern airfreight methods for fish mean that even though the snapper will have been caught far away in the tropics, those on sale may be surprisingly fresh.

According to the Marine Conservation Society, many species of snapper are overfished, as well as fished irresponsibly. Unfortunately, the more fashionable these fish become, the more problems it causes.

Snappers are excellent grilled or barbecued, and can be marinated beforehand in strong, spicy mixtures if desired. They can also be baked whole, steamed, poached and pan-fried, as well as used raw in sashimi and carpaccio, but for this of course must be exquisitely fresh.