Wonton Skins

wonton Skins

Wonton skins, sometimes called wonton wrappers, are made from a fine wheat dough that is very similar to pasta or filo pastry.

Available fresh or frozen, they are similar to spring roll wrappers, but smaller. Wonton skins are about 7-8 cm square whereas spring roll wrappers need to be large enough to roll into sausage-sized parcels.

They are very easy to use - you simply place a teaspoon of mixture in the centre of each wonton skin, moisten the edges and gather up the corners, twisting them into a little pouch

Used to make wontons and a variety of Chinese dim sum foods such as prawn shao mai dumplings. Minced pork and prawns are the classic fillings.

Finished parcels may be steamed, poached or boiled, or fried. Wonton wrappers are also a quick, convenient way to make ravioli-style dumplings.