Preparing cuts of lamb

James Martin shows how to transform a loin of lamb into 4 different cuts.

Preparing cuts of lamb

With a whole loin of lamb, you can prepare a number of different cuts. James Martin shows how to transform a loin into a roasting joint, noisettes, a crown roast and cutlets.

FOR A ROASTING JOINT, cut the boned and rolled eye of meat away from the boned section. This meat has been tightly wrapped and is perfect for roasting.

FOR THE NOISETTES, take the roasting joint and cut thick slices (2-3cm). Noisettes are perfect to pan fry as they take only 2 minutes on each side.

FOR A CROWN ROAST, take the rack of lamb and roll it back around into a circle, or crown shape. Tie kitchen string tightly around the bones and meat. This is a perfect roasting cut.

FOR CUTLETS, cut the rack straight down beside the bone for individual cutlets.