Preparing pineapple

Patrick Williams demonstrates how to cut a fresh pineapple into rings or chunks.

Preparing pineapple

The best pineapples are uniformly golden coloured and plump with crisp green leaves. The most reliable test for ripeness is a sweet fragrance, but for a second check press the base, it should give a little when the fruit is ripe.

To prepare the fruit, first cut off the stalky top and the base of the pineapple using a bread knife. Then stand the fruit upright and slice off the skin in long strips following the contour of the flesh. You want to try and remove all of the brown "eyes".

For pineapple rings: turn the fruit onto its side and slice to the thickness you would like. Then use a round cookie cutter to remove the tough core of each slice.

For chunks or slices: cut the pineapple in half, then quarters lengthways. Cut off the tough core from each wedge, then slice the flesh into chunks or thin slices.