Preparing Fresh Scallops

Duration: 01:56

What could be better than fresh scallops? Look out for hand-caught scallops which are better for the environment, and truly delicious.

Fresh scallops have two sides: a flat side and a round side. Hold the scallop round side down. Using a blunt, kitchen knife, run the knife along the inside of the top (flat) shell. When the knife cuts into the membrane, the scallop will open slightly. Follow the knife along the top of the shell, being carefully not to cut into the scallop meat. The top shell will now easily come off, and the scallop will be left in the bottom (round) shell. Carefully cut away the skirt, or the outside excess of the scallop, leaving the white scallop and roe in the shell. Cut out the black sack near the joint of the shell. Scrape away any grit attached to the shell, rinse quickly in water and use as is, in the half shell.