Skinning Peppers

Duration: 03:25

Aldo Zilli demonstrates a simple way to get sweet, skinless peppers.

Chargrilling peppers makes their skins easier to remove, as well as softening the flesh and giving the pepper a sweet, smoky flavour.

First you want to blacken the peppers all over. Aldo Zilli does this by rubbing them with olive oil and cooking on a chargrill, turning until the skin is blistered and blackened all over. You could also do this under a hot grill, on a barbecue or by holding them with tongs over an open flame.

When they're ready, put in a bowl and cover with cling film, or seal them in a plastic bag. Set aside for a few minutes to allow the steam to build up and loosen the skin.

You can now rub the charred skin away from the flesh. Pull off the stalk, taking the core and seeds with it. You now have a beautiful roasted pepper to slice, stuff or serve whole.