Bignè di Polenta alla Milanese (Polenta Fritters)

For a delicious savoury snack or starter try Gino D'Acampo's polenta fritters, filled with cheese and salame
By Gino D'Acampo
Bignè di Polenta alla Milanese (Polenta Fritters)
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  • Serves: makes 8 fritters
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes plus cooling
  • Effort: easy



  • 400 g quick-cook polenta
  • 1 pinches black pepper
  • 1 handfuls flat leaf parsley, chopped
  • 8 Milano salami, slices
  • 16 cheddar cheese, slices
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp '00' flour
  • 30 ml full-fat milk
  • 500 ml vegetable oil, for deep-frying
  • 4 handfuls mixed salad leaves
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin Italian olive oil
  • 1 unwaxed lemons, juice


1. Cook the polenta in a large pan of salted boiling water until it thickens, following the cooking instructions on the packet.

2. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper, add the parsley, stir well and place in a tray approx. 1cm thick and allow to cool until firm.

3. Using a glass or circular cutter, cut out 16 polenta discs 7cm each in diameter and place them in a well-floured chopping board.

4. Place a slice of salami each on 8 discs and then top them with the Cheddar cheese slices. Top each disc with the remaining polenta discs, creating a small round polenta 'sandwich'.

5. In a large bowl beat the eggs with the flour, season with a couple of pinches of salt and freshly ground pepper and then mix in the milk until you create a smooth batter texture.

6. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok or deep fat-fryer until very hot. Dip the polenta sandwiches into the batter and fry them in the oil until golden.

7. Remove the fried polenta fritters with a slotted spoon or frying basket and drain on kitchen paper.

8. Serve them immediately with the salad leaves dressed with the extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

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