Drambuie Set Cream with Warmed Raspberries

A rich tempting dessert from Eadie Manson, that's liberally laced with Drambuie and ginger wine and served with warm, sweet raspberries
By Eadie Manson
Drambuie Set Cream with Warmed Raspberries
  • Rating:
  • Serves: 4-6
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes plus chilling
  • Effort: medium


For the set creams

  • 3 sheets leaf gelatine
  • 1 vanilla pod, split open
  • 500 ml double cream
  • 80 g caster sugar
  • 65 ml Drambuie

For the warmed raspberries

  • 1 punnet raspberries
  • 1 tbsp icing sugar
  • 50 ml ginger wine


1. Soak the leaf gelatine in a little cold water for about 5 minutes.

2. Scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod into the cream in a medium pan.

3. Add the sugar to the cream and vanilla seeds and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

4. Squeeze the moisture from the gelatine leaves and add to the warm cream with the Drambuie.

5. Strain through a fine sieve into a bowl and place the bowl on ice. This will chill the mixture rapidly and help to suspend the vanilla seeds.

6. Pour into 4-6 ramekins or small pudding basins and chill until set.

7. Just before serving; dip the ramekins in boiling water and turn out the creams onto serving plates.

8. Heat a small frying pan until hot. Add the raspberries and icing sugar and toss the pan to coat all the raspberries in the sugar.

9. Add the ginger wine and burn off the alcohol.

10. Place the raspberries alongside the Drambuie creams. Pour a little of the syrup from the pan on each plate.

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