Potted Venison

For a luxurious starter try Mike Robinson's richly flavourful version of a traditional British dish, made here with venison
By Mike Robinson
Potted Venison
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  • Serves: 6
  • Cook Time:
  • Prep Time: 25 minutes plus 2 hrs chilling
  • Effort: easy



  • 125 g rashers of streaky bacon, smoked, dry cured rashers, rinds removed and tied into a bundle with string
  • 50 g butter
  • 1 large clove garlic, crushed
  • 120 ml port
  • 4 juniper berries, crushed
  • 0.5 tsp pepper, coarsely ground
  • 1 blades mace
  • 375 g venison steaks, boned shoulder or leg, trimmed and cut into 2cm cubes
  • 1 bouquet garni, (made up of a sprig of thyme, bay leaf, sage leaves and a strip of lemon rind)
  • 150 g clarified butter, (ghee)

To garnish

  • 6 bay leaves
  • 6 pinches black peppercorns
  • 6 pinches redcurrants

To serve:

  • 12 slices melba toast
  • 1 handfuls watercress
  • 1 jars piccalilli


1. Preheat the oven to 170ÂșC/gas 3.

2. Coarsely chop the trimmed bacon rashers. Place the chopped bacon, bacon rinds, butter, garlic, port, juniper berries, black pepper, mace, venison and bouquet garni in a casserole dish.

3. Cover and bake in the oven for 2-3 hours until the venison is extremely tender. Discard the bacon rinds, mace and bouquet garni.

4. Blend the venison mixture in a food processor until it forms a smooth paste.

5. Divide the paste among 6 ramekins. Leave to cool, then refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

6. Pour the melted clarified butter over he venison mixture to the depth of 5mm, cool and leave it to set in the refrigerator.

7. Garnish the potted venison with the bay leaves, peppercorns and redcurrants. Serve with Melba toast, watercress and piccalilli.

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