Sophie Grigson's version of a traditional Native American dish is a tasty mix of sweetcorn, flageolet beans and spring onions in a creamy sauce
By Sophie Grigson
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  • Serves: 4 as a light meal or side dish
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Effort: easy


  • 2 corn on the cobs
  • 30 g butter
  • 4 spring onions, chopped
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 200 g cooked or drained canned flageolet beans, or haricot beans
  • 5 tbsp double cream
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • black pepper
  • chopped parsley, to garnish

Tips and Suggestions

The authentic American dish includes lima beans (a relation of broad beans) so if you can find them, feel free to use these in place of the flageolet.


1. Cut the kernels off the sweetcorn ears, straight into a saucepan. Scrape down the cob, still over the pan, to extract juices.

2. Add the butter, spring onions, salt and pepper and 2 tablespoons of water. Cover, bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to very low and simmer gently for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

3. Add the flageolets and cream and simmer, uncovered, for around 10-15 minutes until cream has reduced to a thick sauce.

4. Taste and adjust seasoning, adding a squeeze of lemon to bring up the flavours. Sprinkle with a little chopped parsley and serve hot and steaming.

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