White chocolate cream with shortbread

Gary Rhodes serves vanilla seed-speckled chocolate mousse with a dollop of raspberry jam and shortbread biscuits from Craigie's Farm shop
By Gary Rhodes
White chocolate cream with shortbread
  • Rating:
  • Serves: 4
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Effort: easy


  • 200 g white chocolate, broken into cubes
  • 300 ml double cream, gently whipped
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 8 shortbread
  • 4 tbsp raspberry jam


1. Simmer a pan half-filled with water over a medium heat and suspend a heat-proof bowl on top. Add the white chocolate to the bowl, making sure the bowl does not touch the base of the pan.

2. Once the white chocolate has melted, remove and leave to cool for a few minutes, before folding it into the whipped cream. Slice the vanilla pod in two and scrap out the seeds. Stir the seeds into the mousse.

3. Arrange two shortbread biscuits on each of four plates, along with a tablespoon of raspberry jam and a large tablespoon of the white chocolate mousse.

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