BBQ University: Steven Raichlen

Spring is here and it’s time to fire up those barbecues. But how many of us out there truly know how to cook properly on an open grill? And how many of us are sick of burnt sausages and burgers in soggy baps? If you’re one of those people who think being a good barbecue cook is all about prodding cheap meat with a pair of tongues, BBQ University with Steven Raichlen is for you. This UK-premiere series provides a complete crash course on the how to’s of barbecuing and grilling, based on a BBQU campus on the historic Greenbrier resort in West Virginia. Steve’s ‘classrooms’ feature state-of-the-art grills and smokers, and thanks to specially positioned Grill Cams we can see exactly how the man described by Oprah as the ‘Gladiator Of Grilling’ turns prime cuts of meat into sizzling masterpieces. We’ll learn the art of smoking (cooking meat at a low heat for a long time) and how to construct a pit smoker, how to BBQ the perfect ribs, get the best from steaks, build the tastiest kebabs, learn how to cook fish properly, cook the most lip-smacking chicken ever and how to prepare and cook a whole pig. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire … and incredible, alfresco food.