Bill's Food

Bill Granger, Australian-born restaurateur, food writer and television chef is a self-taught cook and busy father whose joyful approach to cooking and real-life experience in a domestic kitchen guarantees his enduring popularity. Bill's recipes echo the simply-prepared, produce-driven food found in his celebrated restaurants. The original bills opened in inner-city Sydney in 1993. Two further restaurants opened in Sydney in 1996 and 2005, and bills opened in Tokyo in 2008 and Yokohama in early 2010. Plans for Bill's first London restaurant are building momentum. Bill's previous books include bills Sydney food, bills food, bills open kitchen, simply bill, Every Day, Holiday and Feed Me Now, and have been translated into several languages. His television series, bills food and Bill's Holiday, have charmed audiences in 29 countries worldwide. Self-taught, down-to-earth and unostentatious, Bill Granger is one of Australia’s best-loved chefs. In this special second series Bill demonstrates how to dish up light, fresh and simple to follow food. His recipes are uncomplicated but delicious. Fresh ingredients and easy instructions make the perfect combination for great recipes.