Delia's How to Cook

The original domestic goddess goes back to the roots of cooking, looking at the techniques and staple ingredients that bring out the best of British cookery. Delia sees this back-to-basics approach as an answer to an urgent need. There are more recipes than ever on television and yet it seems that many of us have forgotten how to put together a wholesome, nutritious meal that doesn't come from the fridge or ready-made in a packet. Delia is convinced from the questions she receives in her postbag that people are no longer handed down the basics and in a world where people have less time than ever, they feel intimidated by the thought of cooking. Now it’s time to get the nation cooking. She’ll deal with the basics, like rice, potatoes, pasta and eggs, and demystify the whole process of getting into the kitchen and creating easy meals with them. Perfect sponge cakes, fail-safe pastry and Delia's guide to the Great British Breakfast rub shoulders with an everlasting soufflé and tempura prawns. For the health conscious there are chips that you don't have to fry and Delia's amazing no-fat white sauce. And, if you can't even boil an egg, Delia will show you how to do that as well. Delia's How to Cook is a complete guide to cookery for the 21st century.