James Martin Digs Deep

James Martin Digs Deep follows Yorkshire's finest lad as he builds a kitchen garden from scratch. But for James this has been much more than a television series, offering instead a chance to live out his childhood dream. Growing up in a farming community, James remembers always wanting to own a fruit and vegetable garden. After buying a house with three acres of land, he finally saw a way to get back to his roots: "I remember when my grandfather grew carrots on his allotment, he used to literally pull them out of the ground, spit on one, give it a rub, and then give it to me to eat." Unfortunately James was too busy munching on carrots to pick up any tips from his grandfather and began his recent project knowing absolutely nothing about gardening. So why didn't he leave it to the experts? "Of course I could've given a gardening company £20,000 and got them to build it, but where's the fun in that?" says James. And so it was, determined to have a go, he concentrated on three main ideas: "what to grow, what to grow it in, and what to cook with the results."

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