John Torode's Australia

Get a taste for down under as renowned Aussie chef John Torode sets off on a personal culinary road trip across Australia. Each episode retraces the flavours of John’s childhood, the people that inspired his passion for food, and the places that shaped his early memories. From catching up with his family and friends to meeting the immigrant communities who opened his eyes to a world of new flavours – this is about more than just great food. This is an intimate journey where he will re-discover everything that is great about Australia, and the inspiration and origins of some of the country’s best-loved dishes. From the restaurateurs who led the haute cuisine revolution down under, to the producers and growers who have been defining how Australians have eaten for decades, John visits the ‘birthplaces’ of some of the most delicious and tempting food available. High on his list of priorities is top home grown produce including amazing coffee, world renowned wines, award-winning seafood and exceptional cuts of meat.

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