John Torode's Malaysian Adventure

John Torode returns to Good Food with his Malaysian Adventure, a 10 part series filmed throughout Malaysia and the UK. Following the success of John Torode’s Australia this is the acclaimed chef's highly individual take on the cuisine that inspires and fascinates him. In this mouth-watering show, we see the renowned international chef setting off on an exploration of the vibrant and varied cuisine of Malaysia. We follow John as he travels throughout the country from the capital Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi island off the Northern coast. He’ll be cooking with local chefs, meeting celebrity restaurateurs, visiting colourful night markets and exploring the impact of history and culture on the evolution of Malaysian food. Following his nose wherever it takes him, the series will have a real sense of culinary adventure. Back in the UK, the much-loved chef will be re-imagining Malaysian cuisine inspired by his journey and creating a whole array of delicious recipes for viewers to try themselves.

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