Rachel Allen's Everyday Kitchen

Our favourite Irish cook and broadcaster is back with Rachel Allen’s Everyday Kitchen, a collection of delicious, mouth-watering meals prepared with thrift, health and a little kitchen cunning in mind. Designed to help viewers get the most out of their lives, shopping budget and ingredients, each recipe will demonstrate how to make money and food go further. Dishes include a family meal of roast chicken on Sunday; using the left over potatoes for a hearty tartiflette on Monday night; any remains of the cooked bird as the basis for a contemporary twist on a chasseur for lunch on Wednesday; and a delicious soup made with stock from the same carcass for a family day out on Saturday. Rachel Allen’s Everyday Kitchen combines a passion for food and a zest for life. Rachel firmly believes that with the right ingredients and a little know-how you can eat well and live well too. Through a fascinating insight into her life as a busy working Mum, and ‘take-out rich’ access to her kitchen, Rachel creates not only food you love, but food that loves you, your wallet, your family and friends and your hectic schedule!

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