Turkish Delights with Allegra McEvedy

Allegra McEvedy goes on a journey to discover the real tastes of Turkish cuisine and to create some exciting new dishes to teach us that are simple and stunning, capturing the authentic taste of Turkish food. Every year more than 2.5 million British travellers visit Turkey, but Allegra wants us all to get as hooked on the flavours and food traditions as she is. Visiting vibrant cities, colourful spice markets, buzzing restaurant kitchens and spending time amid the gossip of family kitchens, Allegra Learns from the people she meets about the real traditions and recipes. She explores the world of restaurants, markets and the places where ingredients are harvested, fished and farmed, but as a woman she also makes time to get to know Turkish family cooking – spending time with the matriarchs who rule the roost in family kitchens and enjoying the fun and hospitality in family homes.

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