Two Greedy Italians

Over 30 years ago Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo separately left their native Italy for Britain where, in time, they met, worked together and established themselves as leading authorities on Italian cooking, opening restaurants, spreading the word about la cucina and living an ambassadorial role in their adopted country. Thanks to them, Italian food has now become a household staple. Now the two old friends reunite to embark on a culinary journey back to their homeland to reconnect with their culinary heritage, explore past and current traditions and find out how Italian food has changed in the 30 years since they left. With Antonio now in his 70s, it's a time for him to reflect on his life... and let Gennaro do all the hard work of foraging, fishing and hunting. The pair bicker, joke, laugh and cry as old memories come back to life and cooking traditions are rediscovered. They start their journey in the province of Emilia Romagna, the home of Parma ham and parmesan cheese, to see whether the old family way of handing recipes down through the generations is still intact. Then it's off to Campania to sample the delights of the Amalfi coast and street food in Naples, and onto Antonio's home town of Borgo Franco in the north of the country. Finally, the pair travels down to sun-drenched in the southern region of Puglia to see whether food and religion still have strong bonds.