Kashmiri Lamb Chops

kashmiri Lamb Chops

As part of National Curry Week, together with Urban Rajah and Kingfisher Beer we've been gastronomically travelling the Indian subcontinent to uncover food shaped by its' terrain and history. It's an unstoppable foodie adventure. Here we head up to the state of Jammu & Kashmir, is nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, populated by Shikaras (large houseboats) aristocratic valleys, steep mountainsides, often referred to it as paradise. In fact, when the Mughal Emperor Jahangir first saw Kashmir he said “If there is a paradise on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.”

The Kashmiri Muslim "Wazawaan" an elaborate ritualistic meal for special guests is nothing short of spectacular. It can have thirty or more courses. Mouth watering desserts generally made of dairy products follow and the meal is then topped off with the "kawah" a green tea transformed into a magical portion with just the right amount of saffron, cardamoms and almonds. The meals are prepared by the Wazas - the master chefs of Kashmir. They are the descendants of Mughal rulers who come here in the early 15th century.

These Kashmiri spiced lamb chops promise to wrestle your appetite to the ground, like me, you may find yourself licking the plate clean without any shame and devouring every last crumb shed by the spice jacket worn by the chops.